Meditation Practice

Meditation is a practice of relaxation and concentration which has been practiced for thousands of years in various forms throughout the world. For some it is a form of prayers, for others it is a means to enlightenment, for yet others it is a relaxation technique for dealing with the stresses of the modern world.

Origins of Meditation

Current research suggests the first practices of meditations could have been in hunter gatherer societies. After long days of work they could have discovered varying states of consciousness through staring at a fire. 0

The earliest records of meditation date as far back as five thousand years in ancient India. History’s greatest proponent of meditation was Shakyamuni Buddha, who preached various types of meditation during his lifetime to help people better understand the truth of their own lives and the world around them. Through the spread of Buddhism, meditation spread throughout much of eastern Asia.

The various countries meditation spread to work differently, depending on the culture that was dominant before meditation spread. Each culture took the basic ideas of meditation and adapted the practices to fit their culture better.

Meditation did not become a mainstay of western culture for thousands of years after it had become a well established practice in eastern Asia. It was not until the 1960’s and 1970’s that researchers and professors learned of the multitude of benefits that meditation had to offer as they began testing the effects it had on the human psyche.

Modern Secular uses of Meditation

Meditation is a practice which is being widely used these days for various purposes. Studies have shown the incredible power people can awake within themselves through various types of meditation. Meditation is being used to treat with a variety of ailments such as depression, stress and anxiety. People tend to feel better rested and alert after meditation and are generally able to make stronger decisions.

Generally, meditation puts a focus on putting the mind and body into harmony. Meditation daily has been shown to also improve mental cognition and IQs for people who meditate regularly. Meditation does not require a great deal of time or focus, only some time and some focus to receive incredible benefits.

Setting aside just a few minutes a day for meditation is a great way to relieve stress and get back concentration which can be eroded by the complications of life.